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Essen Spiel-Exhibition

This year’s Essen Spiel board game exhibition is centered around the theme of “crowds.”

I was astonished right from the first day on Thursday, as some aisles were so congested that they were nearly impassable, with a multitude of people filling the space.

Anticipating a smooth subway ride in the morning, I was surprised to find the subway station crowded, with the queue extending to the stairs. People around me quickly took out their phones to capture this unusual and memorable sight.

During the weekends, there’s an influx of kids, but space is limited! No problem, the main idea is “anywhere can be a playground!” Feel free to sit on the ground. And when the fun reaches its peak, you can even go without shoes!

The magical world of Drei Magier continues to amaze year by year. Absolutely love it!

It’s also quite nice!

Board gaming begins right from the cradle!

Encountered many old friends and explored numerous new games. To all friends of Schüler, next year is indeed something to look forward to!

August 2023,Beijing DICE CON.We finally get to see each other!

Over the past three years, all the emotions are encapsulated in the “finally” of the title.

DICE CON board game exhibition, from August 25th to August 27th, 2023, at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center.

Schüler  at A58.

The organizers of DICE CON this year are still following the trend of 2021, creating a dedicated children’s activity area, for kids and parents to play together (images from 2021 deeply engraved in our minds from the year we couldn’t be there in person).

This year, we have also prepared fun and visually appealing large-scale ground games (yes, ground!), and this time, we finally get to experience it together with everyone – online friends unite!